Commercial CleaningMost people would argue that a good first impression starts at a firm handshake; this could not be further from the truth. While different advisors will tell you it is the clothes or even just the demeanor, it really comes down to the very first look into the business when the doors open. Is your business presentable to your clientele at all times?

If a potential client feels that the business is not as clean as it should be, not only will they be hesitant about doing business with you, but if they write a review (good or bad) about your business, its cleanliness could be a significant factor. Remember that people are more likely to speak about a business negatively than positively. Cleanliness directly affects the first impression of any business, and hiring a local cleaning service could be what stands between your business and a higher profit margin.

Window Cleaning

In most cases, businesses have windows near the doorway, or the door itself is made out of glass. While glass doors provide a sleek, inviting presence to a business, it could also make or break that first impression if the windows are not cleaned frequently. Regularly cleaned glass doors and windows will not only provide a better image for the business, but it also improves heating efficiency and helps to avoid glass degradation as well.

Floor Cleaning

Believe it or not, people notice whether floors are cleaned on a regular basis. Clients can immediately tell if a business is well kept by how clean the floors are in a high traffic area such as the entryway. Scuffs on linoleum, general wear and tear, fading color, salt, mud and grime build up are all unsightly to clients as they first walk into an establishment. Therefore, having a cleaning company that is highly experienced in how to clean multiple types of flooring can be well worth the investment.

The lobby, or waiting room, is the last chance to make a perfect first impression of the business before meeting an employee at the front desk. From spotless seating to well-organized and disinfected surfaces for filling out documents, potential clients will be able to see the care that is put into their business, as well as being able to put good faith into a company before the first pleasantries are even exchanged.

At Anago of Newark, our business is cleaning yours! Our committed and knowledgeable janitorial staff provides businesses with extensive cleaning practices, all while working within the businesses’ budget. Please contact us today for a free cleaning quote and a better first impression for your business.