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Preserving the Beauty

At Anago, our franchisees take every measure to make sure that their cleaning services preserve the beauty of your place of worship. Anago Franchisees are commercial cleaning professionals who use only the most high quality green cleaning products that are eco-friendly and safe for everyone. This leaves your church or synagogue clean without the chemical residue you might find from the competitors.

What They Provide

Anago franchise owners understand that places of worship have a high number of people that come and go on a regular basis, leaving germs and bacteria in their wake. A church or synagogue should be a place to pray, not to pick up a cold. Their extensive experience has allowed them to learn how to clean in the hardest to reach places where dirt and dust can hide. Their detailed cleaning gets every inch of your property. They are so confident in their services, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Rest assured your place of worship is in the right hands.

Anago offers free quotes and customized cleaning proposals. Contact Anago today at (973) 847-2881 for more information.